Sisters in Balditude

Lots of bald people in robes here.  Everywhere you go, you see the rounded heads and flowing robes of one color or another billowing gently in the wind.  But when the baldies here speak, it is with feminine voices.  Ahh, how heartwarming and nourishing it is to see and hear.  As a nun in Thailand, it’s not often you get to be in the middle of a gathering of fellow female monastics in such great numbers and of such diversity as here at the Sakyaditha conference.    This morning at the group meditation session, as I looked out at the rainbow of nuns in their different colored uniforms filling the dhamma hall, all sitting in meditation in the same universal cross-legged position, I felt a profound sense of sisterhood that deeply touched my heart.  Regardless of which tradition we came from, here we all were, quietly united in working towards the same end — penetrating and sharing the teachings of the Buddha, common father to all us ‘dhitas’ (daughters.)


— SN


2 responses to “Sisters in Balditude

  1. Charlotte Collins

    Again, please, not “fellow female monastics.” This usage undermines your otherwise very powerful message.

  2. As a laywoman, I am also moved upon seeing warm, kind smiles from all the nuns from different traditions and countries.

    In Thailand, when we visit good temples, we tend to see serene but non-smiling monks in the tranquil environment. The atmosphere of ‘holiness’ is thus enhanced. Rarely do we witness how loving kindness or Metta when earnestly practiced and honestly expressed creates such a beautiful ambiance which assures us that yes, loving relationships among human beings are still possible.


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